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New Forklifts

Here at INTEGRALIFT SALES AND SERVICE, we love meeting different people and being able to take care of their needs. We also enjoy partnering with a local charity based out of Kitchener Waterloo called Footsteps to Freedom. The main goal within our company and charity is to raise awareness and open people’s minds up to the issues in which the people of South Sudan go through daily.

Our staff is handpicked and carefully evaluated not just based on an impressive resume but on a shared desire to please customers with skill, efficiency, fairness, and an understanding that your time and money is valuable not only to yourself but to us as well. We keep our employees up to date with all the aspects of training and licensing such as whims, fall arrest, first aid, forklift updates, motor vehicle, and forklift licensing required.

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Used Forklifts

Here at INTEGRALIFT SALES AND SERVICE, we treat our customers’ needs as if they were our own. We take the time to listen and do our best to gain a full understand of each client’s needs. From there, we present them with customized solutions that are tailored to their needs. Whether you are searching for new or used forklifts to use in your business or are in need of expert repair and maintenance services for your existing forklifts, there is no better place to go than here at INTEGRALIFT SALES AND SERVICE.

With almost 20 years of proven reliability and trustworthy service, INTEGRALIFT SALES AND SERVICE has built a solid reputation as the premier authority in forklift on site maintenance and repair services. With a full team of highly skilled, seasoned forklift experts ready to serve you, you can always be sure you are getting superior value for your money every time you come to us here at INTEGRALIFT SALES AND SERVICE.

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