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Our field and shop technicians are highly trained professionals with experience working on all makes and models of forklifts. We work on LPG, Diesel or Electric lift trucks. Our service department can work with you to help reduce your downtime and increase your profitability by putting together a service program tailored to you companies needs.

Our staff is handpicked and carefully evaluated not just based on an impressive resume but on a shared desire to please customers with skill, efficiency, fairness, and an understanding that your time and money is valuable not only to yourself but to us as well.

We keep our employees up to date with all the aspects of training and licensing such as whims, fall arrest, first aid, forklift updates, motor vehicle, and forklift license required.

At Integralift, we understand that time really is money and forklift breakdowns result in lost revenue. We are committed to the quickest possible turnaround times for service and repair and offer 24/7 service.

services repair services repair

We Do It All

  • On site Forklift Repair and Maintenance
  • In Shop Forklift Repair and Maintenance
  • Forklift Parts Sales
  • Ministry of Labour-approved Annual Lift Device Inspections

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